The house


The land was acquired by an Order of the Capuchin Fathers in 1653, who built the house in 1744 and gifted it to a Nun of their order who resided in a Convent which then faced the property.

During the time of the French Revolution the house was put up for sale by the Clergy and was bought in 1791 by a Solicitor who also bought the Convent, in 1845 a new owner renovated the house completely restoring the facades, replacing the stone staircase with a wooden one, and updating the fireplaces with marble which remain today. We believe the houses Orangery dates from this period and the small semi-circular pavilion garden from the second half of the 19th century.

The library

A lounge library is available solely for our guests, this warm and welcoming room is ideal for reading and relaxing. All our guests are welcome to spend time there and are encouraged to use the piano, whether you are an amateur or virtuoso!


A lovely century-old secluded garden adjoining the patio is ideal for relaxing.
A bucolic setting in town provides you with the opportunity to rest and daydream…
Different areas, with tables and sun loungers are at your disposal…


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